Environmental protection services

Services related to protection of the environment and environmental engineering

Removing environmental burdens (REB)

WASTECH a.s. has been dealing with removing legacy environmental burdens since the beginning of the 90s when this process was launched in the Czech Republic. This area of expertise has been a principal programme of the company for more than 10 years, so experts of WASTECH a.s. have a lot of experience in this field.

The company offers delivery of all determinative blocks of work that can form part of this process, namely:

  • Environmental audit
  • Hydrogeological and geological research
  • Feasibility study
  • Risk analysis
  • Execution of remediation projects
  • Remediation work in a saturated and unsaturated zone
  • Monitoring and post-remediation monitoring.

This type of work mostly includes a range of activities, in particular sampling of soils and structures, sampling of groundwater and surface water, chemical analyses, waste management, pumping groundwater for remediation, evaluation of results as well as preparation of interim and final reports. Execution of these activities is mainly focused on REB in industrial and agricultural compounds and on revival of waste disposal sites.

The company also focuses on supervisory activities within REB and it is one of the companies providing such services for the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (this ministry manages the REB area).

Furthermore, the company provides services related to protection of the environment and environmental engineering, in particular:

  • EIA, SEA assessments
  • Preparation of documents as part of the IPPC process
  • Assessment of hazardous properties of waste
  • Hydrogeological assessments
  • Reviews of implementing projects, hydrogeological surveys, risk analyses, etc.