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Integrated management system policy (IMS)

Our company – WASTECH a.s. (hereinafter ‘company’) focuses on remediation, hydrogeological, geological, exploration and engineering work related to protection of all components of the environment, supervisory, consultancy and advisory activities and special projects, landscape restoration, waste management, removal of hazardous properties of waste, collection and purchase of waste, storage of waste and, last but not least, construction works.

To minimise risks and to continuously improve quality of provided services and the level of safe working environment, we undertake in all our activities to:

  • Continuously meet all legal and other requirements.
  • Manage all activities, resources and outputs of our work as processes to continuously improve our management system.
  • Deliver high quality of provided services, meet current requirements of our customers and anticipate their future requirements.
  • Carefully select our suppliers and regularly assess their service provision.
  • Develop and motivate our employees to ensure all activities are carried out with full compliance with established management systems.
  • Create and provide all necessary financial resources to implement measures to reduce a negative impact on quality of provided services, the environment and occupational health and safety.
  • Continuously strive to minimise risks in all activities, enhance quality of work environment, and achieve defined safety objectives and programmes.
  • Regularly evaluate our environmental profile, review the objectives and adopt adequate programmes to ensure maximum possible prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment, reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and put emphasis on preventing pollution of the environment.

The IMS policy is binding for all employees and contractors.

The company’s management is committed to make all necessary efforts to create essential conditions and resources to comply with the IMS policy and company objectives.

This policy is regularly reviewed to ensure it is updated and can be used, and is further enhanced by the IMS handbook and related IMS documentation.

In Prague on 14/06/2021
Mgr. Barbora Klimšová
Member of the Administrative Board


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