Decontamination and removal of waste from medical facilities

Decontamination and removal of waste from medical facilities

Since 2004 the company has been providing decontamination and removal of hazardous waste from medical facilities. Tis activity is executed in the Dubenec plant close to Příbram. This company, as the only one in the Czech Republic, uses autoclaves to decontaminate medical waste. The core of the process is the operation of the sterilising steam autoclave where decontamination of processed waste from medical and similar facilities is performed in case this waste is classified as infectious. During the working cycle, this facility, using separating, temperature and pressure, eliminates infectivity of the waste that is subsequently mechanically treated. After that, this waste can be processed as waste of the ‘Other’ category.

To execute this process other facilities are used, such as:

  • A mobile facility to collect medical waste (special motor vehicles meeting requirements to transport hazardous items according to ADR and other specific regulations)
  • Warehouses of medical waste (refrigerated warehouses ensuring compliance with strict regulations for medical waste management).
  • A sterilisation steam autoclave – a facility for decontamination of medical waste removing hazardous property H9-infection.

Types of waste accepted:

  • Infectious medical waste classed under catalogue numbers 18 01 03* and 18 02 02* (waste the collection and removal of which are subject to special requirements with respect to prevention of infection), category N,
  • Following decontamination, waste is classified under code 18 01 04 (category O) and after mechanical treatment of crushing as waste with code 19 12 12 (category O),
  • Pathological and anatomical, chemical, sharp, pharmaceutical waste as well as cytostatics are not permitted to be treated by decontamination in the Czech Republic.